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It doesn't matter where all that matters is going

Yes, it’s true, Cesare Cremonini sang it in his “Buon viaggio,” but it’s something genuine for me. If you were to ask me what my favorite destinations were, I could quickly answer “all”. However, a type of travel has stolen my heart: the one in a van, on the road. A route marked by the weather and the desire to stay or not explore a specific area is an indescribable feeling in words.
Whatever your destination, I’m ready to take off!!

This service is for you.

This service has been created for you, following all the facets and preferences of your trip. If you are wondering if this is something you like, let me guide you in imagination through my service. You’ve booked the trip of a lifetime, the one you’ve dreamed of for a long time. You’ve been preparing for months, and you reassure yourself by saying that you’ll take beautiful photos with your smartphone, but… are you sure? It isn’t a good idea to have them taken by a professional and, perhaps, even printed to keep track of this vital journey you have been dreaming of for some time. No, it doesn’t have to be your honeymoon to ask a travel photographer to do it for you.

Capture my Travel Packages

Packages available starting at 500€

Lake Maggiore & Italy

  • Questionnaire
  • 2h+ Photoshoot in the chosen location 
  • All photos taken and printed in 13X18 format delivered directly to
    your home!
  • Private Gallery to share photos with friends and family
  • Travel expenses included

Anywhere in Europe

Packages available starting at 750€

  • Questionnaire
  • Photo shoot in the chosen location 4h+
    (possibility to break into 2 photoshoot per day)
  • All photos taken and printed in 13X18 format delivered directly to
    your home!
  • Private Gallery to share photos with friends and family
  • Travel expenses included


Packages available starting at 1200€ /day

For those who just can’t stand the box.
If you can dream it up, we want to plan it and photograph it.
We keep repeating ourselves (because we really, really mean it): Travel gets to be whatever you want it to be. So, if your dream trip doesn’t fit into the travel packages we listed above, there’s more where those came from. We don’t want to put any limitations on what’s possible for your day.
You could have An All-Day Experience On A Sailboat In Greece, A Multi-Day Safari Elopement In South Africa, and An Extreme Adventure Trip (Think Helicopters, Hot Air Balloons, Snorkeling, And Skydiving).

Our travel photography package includes:

  • Questionnaire
  • 10+ hour photoshoot
  • Travel photo reportage
  • Travel Designer
  • Travel poster as a souvenir
  • Printed album or box delivered to your door
  • Digital files included
  • Private Gallery to share photos with friends and family
  • Travel expenses included

Why don't I deliver digital files by default?

Here, I could tell you a story that has forever marked my career and led me to decide photos should always be printed. I was working as a travel photographer in a resort, one of my first professional assignments, and due to the humidity in the room, I lost photos from years of incredible travels. We can never rely only on digital files; having a printed copy to browse and get excited about is always better.

Do you want to enjoy your trip even more?

Why not also delegate the planning of all the stages? This way, you will see genuinely unusual places, and serenity will accompany you throughout the journey.



I live on Lake Maggiore, but as a travel photographer I travel all over the world. I love the small villages that no one knows, the wildest mountains and the endless beaches, where the light is magical and the landscapes even more so. I can follow you wherever you want.

I could define my style as spontaneous and romantic, with an artistic touch. I love natural light and over the years I have learned to manage it even on the most difficult occasions. During the photographic experience I will guide you through any poses and to make you feel relaxed, bringing out the best in you. If you want to view some shots, I invite you to visit the portfolio section, where I have included some representative photos.

Certainly, being a travel designer, as well as a travel photographer, I will be able to help you choose the best scenarios and, if you want, I can create the entire travel itinerary for you. You can find much more information on the page dedicated to this service.

We will be ready to shoot in light rain, but we will constantly update ourselves if the forecast worsens. I can never guarantee my availability on other dates and times than those booked, but I always do my best to reschedule in case the weather just doesn’t allow for shooting.

I recommend you book at least a week in advance. I always try to accommodate last minute requests but I can’t promise you anything. The ideal time frame to ensure you get your chosen time and date is at least four weeks.

You will receive the images in paper and/or digital format depending on the package you choose. As for digital, these are high definition JPEG files. Furthermore, I can take care of the high quality prints of your favorite photos, to hang wherever you want!

The photo shoot has a different cost depending on the destination, the travel days and your personal preferences. There are so many variables that it is impossible for me to provide you with a single price, but I invite you to write to me using the form on this page to get a more detailed quote.

Can I take off with you?

Let me know by filling out the form below with your requests, and I will answer you. Straight away!

Are you also a travel photographer?

Would you like to leave with me to discover new territories and, at the same time, train yourself in this type of technique? Then, I invite you to look at the photographic trips I organize with Nisida Studio.